Sunday, October 12, 2008

My First October 12, 2008

I went to bed Friday dead set on riding home to Half Moon Bay on Saturday. Not to be outdone, my legs woke up Saturday dead set on me hobbling down to the BART and catching a train home. I think I got the short end of that stick. However, I did get to spend some meaningful time with my hormonal teenage sister and my parents. Not to mention the Vuelta highlight reel was on VS. Out of 1000 channels and all the hours in a week, we get one full hour of cycling. It was exciting though reliving the Vuelta...since it ended a month ago.

Buttt, I did get my Assos knickers in the mail and it's going to be a toasty winter. I danced around the house in them for a while to the dismay of everyone, even the dog. I also got a copy of Ride magazine out of Australia. It was on closeout so I figured it'd be the last issue or something, well it was from summer 2007! It does have some great stuff though, including an interview with the unretired Paolo Bettini.

Speaking of winter, I got a taste of what a harsh reality cold-weather riding really is like. The sun was shinning but it was windy and I swear it dipped below 60. I was bundled up like an eskimo though so it wasn't that bad. Back to my legs, they were lying. They felt super sore the past two days walking around due to my tryst up the Clark Kerr trail Thursday. Once I was on the bike though they felt fine. I rode for about three hours and did some good climbing. Enough to where I felt kinda' like vomiting a minute ago.

Okay, I have an interview tomorrow and a midterm on Tuesday. I've been prepping for the interview so I'm not too worried. Wish I could say that about the midterm!

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