Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aero Poker Face

Ahhhhh!!! So I got my first pair of aero wheels tonight. Found a pair of Easton EC90s on craigslist so Jim agreed to drive me down to the South Bay to take a peek. The seller was asking 950, which I was completely willing to pay considering they list $2000 and they had new contis on them. Not to mention the guy hadn't even used the rear wheel.

So we show up in the middle of nowhere at a massive pad in the woods. The guy's tall, mid-30s, self-proclaimed lawyer and repeat Ironman. I wore my old ski jacket with grease and a tear in it. The plan was to play the poor college student act. I had decided I wanted to pay $800 so Jim mentioned using the old "that's all I have, and that's eating ramen for the rest of the month..."

We chat a bit then Jim tells us to get on with it so I lay it on him.

"Hmm, all the way down here with just 800 bucks huh?" Yep, this guy's a lawyer all right. He gives me his most litigious face.

"Yep..." I reply as I stare meekly at the wheels.

I swear nearly a minute passes in silence. Jim has to leave the room. Apparently the guy was staring me up and down. I held my ground, just staring at the wheels, biting my lip.

"Well I know they're worth more."

By this point I'm getting super anxious. "Stay calm" I tell myself.

And...he buys it. "800 huh? Well I bet that's a stretch alright. It's a deal." Within seconds we're all back to being buddies.

Jim and I got the hell out of there and I cackled all the way to the car. And I'm sure he went to sleep in his king size bed feeling he'd done his charity for the month.

That was hours ago and a smile is still glued to my face.

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  1. J -
    No honor posting rape stories on a blog. Next thing you know you will want to become a lawyer or work on wall street.