Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cal Poly Road Race and Crit

Just checked out my buddy Jim's blog and it inspired me to get mine going again. I suppose I don't have to write 2000 words each time I post.

Anywho, this weekend Jim, I, and the rest of the Cal hooligans went down to San Luis Obispo for a little bike racin'! We left at 245 and one Denny's, a Safeway, and two gas stations later we pulled into the Motel 6.

We got set up in the room and then Jim put his tubulars on my bike:


They were super fast, at least in the parking lot. I made two runs of the parking lot. Then, seeing the stress I was putting him in by riding his babies I took them back. The Davis girls gave me a "Nice wheels!" as we walked by. They weren't even spinners!!

Road race was so so on Sat. Course was pretty bad. Gravel on almost every turn and we had the A's coming the opposite direction multiple times. A bit sketch. Learned to really watch the front during the last half. I missed the first break and then the second had one of our guys in it so we blocked for a bit. Came down to a mass sprint for tenth which was a blast. Thor's "There is no pain in the sprint" came rushing though my head. And there wasn't. Maybe because there was very little pain leading up to the sprint? Or because I still had a half tank? hmmm

Had a nice team dinner. Slept well. Put new grip tape on per Jim's request. You can see the white ("grey") tape in the pic. Apparently it wasn't PRO enough for him, or anyone else I encountered. My hands hadn't said anything. As expected, the new stuff stayed white almost all of today. Next time I'm going red.

Crit was fun. Thought I'd do better since it was basically a climb and then descent. And since I like to climb. So much for that. It was 100 mph from the start and I wasn't warm enough. Got dropped off the front group within a few laps and by about the 5th lap they pulled me. Lesson two: warmups should HURT.

This pic sums up my crit:

...alone and hurting, even on the descent.

We got back tonight in record time. I'm a bit sunburned and tired but ready for a week of hard training. Lesson three: training should HURT. I've got plenty of base miles, now it's time to go harder.

Overall I'm content with my first two B's races. Any race I stay on two wheels is a good race. I'll do better next weekend.

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  1. that was an intense posting guy! loved it