Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thorns have their roses too...

After being sidelined from the UC-SC race this weekend due to team politics-just because I happened to be in Jesse's and Rob's cars doesn't mean it was my fault they both happened to break down-I decided to take the weekend off. The saddle sore and the subsequent visit to General Surgeon Dr. Roberto Celeda on Friday didn't help much either. Despite it being misdiagnosed by my good friend and neurologist Dr. Robin Price as a "third testicle" it turned out to be merely a *******.

Anywho, today got off to a very nice start. I BARTed home from the peninsula and then headed down south with Jim in his beemer. Nice car, not quite a 5 series but he's still a college student so I'll cut him some slack.

We talked shop all the way down and he got me psyched about getting a torque wrench so all my bolts have the right neuton meters of torque.

As we got near the course I got the comfort of having left my bike 70 miles in the opposite direction and knowing I wouldn't have to suffer today, at least not on the bike. Jim made a few laps around the parking lot to scope the female talent before finding a suitable spot.

Once I got near the feed zone the memories came flooding back, so to speak. A year ago this had been my first road race. I remember showing up at the course super nervous and within 15 minutes I knew I wanted to race every weekend. I was hooked! Not much has changed since then.

I ran around and collected bottles from the women riders for feeds and headed to the feed zone. SC is one of my favorite courses because you get to see the riders every 2.6 miles. I tried to enlist Nathan to create a feeding schedule for the riders but he said there was no legal precedent for such a movement.

Okay this is getting boring and I'm running out of steam. The rest of the racing was fun. I had a blast giving feeds. Took a lot of pics of the women because they were harder than the men and didn't need feeds.

It was a great day to be at a bike race. A bit sad I didn't get to race since I was really looking forward to it. However, I did get to spend Thursday and Friday afternoon with my mom who took me to the Dr. and Zachary's. I also got to spend time with Shawnee and Brady while at home. (Shawnee is the queen bee in the pic.)

Plus, Hunter came over to spend the night and escape the rave at Loth. He had to sleep in the hall though so he wouldn't hear the rave at Blake's. You can't win them all.

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