Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tour of California!!!

Okay so this was an AMAZING weekend. Amazing as in the best weekend I've had in California, maybe ever.

Anywho, rode up to Sac on Sat with some lady cyclists from the mail list. The brought great munchies and tolerated my skipping to every single team bus. Had planned on riding up but going with them was way funner.

Got to see all my favorite pros except for Cav and Jens. Really wanted to tell Jens to "check your seat!" That's a really clever joke [sic] for those of you who saw the last stage of the tour last year when he lost his seat.

There were really good crowds there. Most were in the Lance fan club which left the rest of the world champions wide open. Ivan Basso was decidedly unsurrounded...

as was the almighty Sastre. Notice:


It really was the greatest day, maybe ever. The fact that no one knew these guys so you could just walk up and sure enough, that's Hincapie warming up:

Oh, what do you know, there's Stuuey and Little Schleck...

Wait! Is that Riis waving to the crowd or just showing off his Armanis?

and of course...

he gave a very disdainful wave shortly after, but that's a two way street.

Although Nocentini apparently wasn't worthy of a crowd, little on a fan, he did seem to be worthy of a stage win.

Lastly, the guy from Type 1 who didn't have Type 1 but who did have a little help getting warmed up...(his wife, so he said)

That was just the prologue. I went to Santa Rosa the next day for the end of Stage 1. There I got to help fill bottles for the Tibco girls. That was as far as my soigneur duties went...

This is how to pin a number on:

and this is how to be pro...

Linda Jackson and Brooke Miller.

That's enough for now. The rest are here. Enjoy!

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  1. J,
    This was definitely the best day ever in CA. Sorry I missed it and will make it next year.