Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Working Man's Crit - Night 1


Wick and I get around and go over to check out a mountain bike. One of Jim’s friends has an Intense with full XTR, Fox shocks, and Chris King hubs. I’m sold.

Later we take a MTB ride over to Mount Trashmoore. I kid you not, this is the real name of the hill. Apparently it was an old dump that was covered up. It’s actually a decent park now.


Kyle and his dad leave early to head up to Richmond but Wick and I sleep in. Wick “Nasty” had a late night so I let him rest a while before waking him. We pack up the car and get on the road about noon.

While on Hwy 64 going to Richmond I see an interesting paint job on this van:

Wick and I have a good laugh and then head to “Freedom Park”, no lie, for some single track.

The riding is really good. It’s the first single track I’ve ridden, at least with trees along the trail. It takes some time to get used to but after a while I settle in. At one point I go over what I think is a jump but what turns out to be a three foot drop. I say a little prayer that the front fork takes the impact, and it does!

True to form, before the ride is over I hit a tree and draw blood.

Every time I touch a MTB I draw blood, I think that’s saying something. Ride more!

430 PM

Wick and I roll up to the park for the Working Man’s Crit. We head over to the course and take a few laps.

The course looks to be pretty fast with only two turns. However, there are some pretty rough spots.

The race begins uneventfully. There are primes every lap so on the last corner everyone sprints. Apparently Wick won the first prime.

I was sketched out by the course and some of the tactics I saw. Guys flying by on the sides without warning. In one lap I saw the same guy go off the course into the dirt and on the next turn he clipped his shoe. Needless to say, instead of whining and narrating the whole race, given I had the extra energy, I should have been really racing up front.

I ended up avoiding the crash in the last turn and finishing top 20 or so.

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