Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did that guy have an engine on his bike or am I just weak...

The other night I did a ride out with Chris to Carlisle where they have the most amazing ice cream I've ever had at Kimball's. If you have the means I highly recommend it. Chris had to head back early so he missed out.

On the way back I was chugging along when all the sudden I heard someone behind me. "Who the hell is this?" I thought. I was going pretty good so I figured it was another rider. Then I heard what sounded to be a small engine. Eventually he passed me and I jumped on his wheel.

Turns out the guy was on a homemade electric bike!

He said it could do 30 if he pedaled hard. He also had built it with an independent chain and freewheel for the machine so if the machine ran out of juice he wouldn't have to crank it. Here's his blog.

I sat on his wheel until some Virginia Tech guy passed us then we all started pacelining. Good times.

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  1. Hey Jarrett - good to meet you the other day. Until I read your blog I had no idea how much bike racing jargon exists ;) -Ben