Monday, July 6, 2009

Fitchburg Stage 1 – TT

530 AM comes to early as usual. I roll out of bed and get packing. We’re on the road by 6 and at Dunkin’ Donuts by 630.

On the way to Fitchburg it starts raining really hard. Fortunately the captain of the Exploder, Wick Smith III, is driving and hydroplaning is good because “it saves the tread on the tires.”

I check around for sharp objects that could injure me in the event of a crash.

Finally, we make it to the start/finish area. We head to the SRAM race support so Wick can see about getting a bike to race on.

Sure enough, they let him trade his tired Scott in for a new Specialized with 404s; I wish my bike had broke.

We can’t help noticing though that the SRAM bike only has a Force groupo on it whereas Wick was riding Red before. Wick ponders asking them to switch out the groupo for him but we decide against it.

Wick goes off at 848 and me at 919:30 so we start getting ready. It’s still raining hard so we get dressed in the car and keep the warm-ups to a minimum. That and we left the trainer in Vag Beach, PRO!

This is my first TT so I’m pretty excited. I’ve done a couple TTTs before though (translation: sucked wheels for a minute then dropped off the back while the other guys finished). Oh and what I’m really saying when I say “My first” anything is that I’m just weak and need an excuse. I’ve been saying that crap all year. Well, it’s my first year of racing and my first blah blah blah.

I roll up to the start house. The guy holds me up and on the count of 1 I go. Kyle told me this trick that if you go when they say “1” before saying “Go!” you’ll end up rolling down at the right time. It worked and I’m off. I make it a goal to try and catch the guy in front of me.

I head up the hill and then keep cranking through a fast descent. Eventually I cross the lake and see the 1K to turnaround sign. I’m going pretty smooth at this point. I also see the guy in front of me coming back.

I hit the turnaround and realize that guy was flying and I’m not going to catch him. I also have a big headwind going back.

I see the 1K sign and pick up the pace. The finish is on top of a hill so I get out of the saddle.

I finish 68th out 102 guys. More importantly though, I beat Wick “Nasty” by 12 seconds!

After the TT we went and got some food and Wick rode his pixie.

We came back to the car for a quick nap before the PROs went off.

Finally, it was time for Jeannie Longo to go off. In case you didn’t know, she’s like the greatest cyclist ever. She’s 50 and still stomping the young girls.

We watched the rest of the PROs and then headed home.

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