Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fitchburg Stage 4 - Crit

Finally, I made it. It was Sunday and the last stage of the race. We arrived in downtown Fitchburg and got kitted up.

I pass this sign as I’m warming up.

Wick and I headed up a hill for a warm-up but the legs stayed cold and sore.

Eventually we gave up and went down to the course.

The course consisted of a long, low grade uphill with a rounded 180 into a fast descent into two rough 90 degree turns. Wick and I lined up and the race began.

It was really fast at first. Then, they kept adding primes so it just got faster. My legs were dying but I was able to move up on the uphill section. I kept falling back on the descent because it was quick and there were some close calls.

At about 7 to go I don’t think I’m going to make it. I tell myself to shut up and keep going. I didn’t come this far to not finish the race.

6 to go. Ahhhhhhh.

5. You made it huh? Not yet!!!



Okay if I can just make it two more I’m done!

2. Ahhhhh.

At 1 lap to go I cross the line and fall off the back. The pain subsides a bit and I continue on with the stragglers. I'm hurting but am able to smile having finished my first stage race.

By the time I cross the line PRO Women are on the course. I ride a lap with them, enjoying the scenery, then head back to the car.

We go get a pizza and watch the women race. We stay until the PROs start.

Creed had his “number” pinned on like a true PRO. A man amongst boys.

We piled in the car one last time and headed back to Boston. I think this pic describes our journeys in the SS Exploder best…

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