Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Museeuw Factory

Early Tuesday morning Jack and I rode 35k away to Lokeren. The Museeuw Bikes factory is there and Jack needed a crack in his old frame repaired.

An hour later we stumbled upon the factory in the industrial area of Lokeren. I had been out that way before to see a stage of the Eneco Tour.

Jack spoke with Franjia, one of the owners, and then we headed back to talk to the mechanic.

They had just moved to the location so they were still getting set up. The mechanic said they could repair it. Then, he took me into the conference room.

Oh hey, what are you guys doing there??

Amstel Gold Race (1994) and Tour of Flanders (1998)

This was cool too. It's the bike on which he won Paris-Roubaix.

And the best victory salute ever.

Franjia told us all about their new carbon frames. They’ve begun using flax in them as well. Yeah, flax, the grain! He said it’s more absorbent than carbon. You can see it in these two frames.

They also had a flax wheel they were working on.

I was pretty impressed with the factory. I figured they were just rebranding generic Taiwanese frames. Au contraire, it looks like they've got some pretty innovative design going on.

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