Thursday, October 22, 2009


Finally, Jim came to his senses and decided to get his frame fixed. Don’t get me wrong, internal cabling is sick, just not when the paint starts to bubble on the aluminum inserts-which could also be due to the fact that his bike is 2+ years old.

Since I’m living on the coast now I offered to take his bike down to Calfee. After all, he did drive me all the way to Los Altos one night to snag a pair of EC90s.

Brady and I hopped in the West Coast Exploder and headed down.

Brady spent most of the drive farting in my lap. Karma?

Highway 1 was breathtaking so I lit a few candles and put on some Luther Vandross.

After a few wrong turns and a call to Calfee I arrived. The shop looked pretty low-key from the outside.

I went in and headed up to the office. The place was packed with frames of every type. I introduced myself to one of the employees and he took me on a tour.

The paint room.

The finishing room.

I asked him about the green and black Pinarello. He agreed they were beautiful but said the construction was nish nish.

The molding room.

This is where they mold the carbon to make the lugs.

This is the carbon.

There were also some bamboo bikes for a project in Africa.

Then, there were the bamboo bikes for America.

Near the entrance there was a tandem fresh from Interbike.

It was loaded with Super 11s and a $500 Edge Carbon stem. Total cost was around $18,000. No comment.

I chatted with the guy about the best carbon bikes. He suggested a lugged carbon bike. Look, Time, Parlee, and of course Calfee to name a few.

He said Orbeas are about the most common frames they see. The company has a great warranty policy but I suppose if you have that many of your bikes breaking you might need one.

According to him the Italians don’t seem to have a warranty policy. They had fixed a De Rosa recently with a cracked seat tube. The guy was climbing out of the saddle and when he sat down it cracked. De Rosa said he could buy a replacement for 1500 euro. Che cazzo!

The Scott Addicts have weak aluminum dropouts so they see a ton of those.

We ended up back near the front of the shop.

I thanked him and headed out to the car.

Brady was happy to be going back home.

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