Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009 (links are fixed!!)

I just wrapped up my first three weeks on the new training plan. It was super light so I’m feeling fresh. He recommended a week of rest now before we increase the volume. I think the swimming bothered my IT band a bit. That or putting a longer stem on my bike; the change in position may be affecting it.

More importantly, I lost some weight! The thought of returning to Belgium as the fat bike racer was just too much to bear. After a month in Weight Watchers I’m down ten pounds! Okay I’m kidding, but here’s what I did.
1. Started a ‘food log’ and wrote down everything I ate. I also tracked how each meal made me feel. This gave me a much better idea of which foods worked for my body and which foods didn’t.
2. Weighed food so I could accurately calculate calories in my ‘food log.’
3. Cut back on sugars and other high glycemic index (GI) foods (bread, fruit juice, et cetera). While keeping the log I realized these were really working against me. After eating these foods my blood sugar would spike briefly but then I’d be left tired and low energy. Cutting those out really helped decrease my calories and increase my energy levels.
4. Cut back on salt. I recently found out about a link between sodium consumption and sugar cravings. I’ve always been a heavy salter but felt like since I excercised so much it was okay. After reading about the link between the two I started to observe. I found it was almost like clockwork. I’d eat a high protein, low GI meal with heavy salt and I’d want sugar afterwards no matter how full I was.

In other news, I got a new bike! Well, a frame that is. I found a new Time Edge Pulse for cheap. After the visit to Calfee I was sold on lugged carbon. It comes it next week and I’ll take pics when I get it.

I’m going to build it up with SRAM since I have some extra parts. That and they’re my new favorite components. I’m going to keep the Tarmac through the rainy season though since I don’t feel bad abusing it. Then, when it gets sunny again next year I’ll have a new whip!

Now for a few rants and such.

Contador?? – Personally, I’d like to see him at Caisse d’Epargne. I think it’d be sick to have this Spanish ‘armada’ of firepower. Plus, it seems like a natural fit for him. Valverde could dominate the Giro and Vuelta and Contador could own the Tour. Despite Caisse’s lackluster TTT—7th in Tour, worse in the Giro—he’d be okay for this year since there’s no TTT in the Tour.

It’d also be really cool to see him on Quick Step though. I like the team a lot and would love to see them dominate all year instead of just in the spring. Whatever happens I hope he doesn’t stick with Astana just because of the money. Besides, it’s not as much as it seems considering the TVM and the fact that all their payments are late… I’d also hate to see him miss out on another Tour win because “Vino not ride for no man!”

Oh and speaking of really bad TTing, any idea where Rasmussen will end up?

Back in the homeland…

Bahati has a new team for next year. I guess he wanted to make sure he remained PRO all season… I also like the goals of his organization, the Bahati Foundation, to “inspire and empower underprivileged youth to rise above their circumstances.” Anything besides this hoax that is the corporate charity. Take a look at the 990s from some of these foundations. MAYBE 25% of your money gets remotely near doing something for the cause. In reality, it’s a funneling of money from one charity to the next. The only problem with that is each place it lands takes 50% in overhead. Meanwhile Nike is making bank…

I’m psyched about the new Adageo Energy team. The backers are an Austin-based bankers. After all, last time bankers got involved in cycling this happened.

Just an aside, sucks! Really! I bought a membership at the beginning of the season and it’s been nothing but problems. For starters, there are the requisite commercials for either Bont shoes-glad they switched over from speed skating but, no thanks-or awful awful Cannondale commercials featuring the charming and charismatic Basso. On top of that there was the blown Giro AND Vuelta. That kind of put a dent in my ‘Grand Tour’ package (considering the only coverage they have for the Tour is highlights). I started emailing them in May about a refund to no avail. A few months later I finally got them on the phone:
“Listen, you guys haven’t provided the service I paid for so I want a refund or I’ll have to report a fraudulent charge to my bank.”
“Um, like, you should just I guess report it to your, um, bank ‘cause we’re not givin’ refunds for the Giro (‘j-eye-row’)” said the service rep.
So, in case you guys were thinking of purchasing a package through them, DON’T! They suck! Just download Vuze, a bittorrent program, and you can download most of the races through there.

Cross season is in full swing with Albert winning another big one. I saw him in Belgium and he was incredible. First lap he was ahead by at least a minute. Insane.

Also, this weekend is the Bay Area Superprestige Night Race in Brisbane at Sierra Point. The last few I’ve been to have been sick so I’m psyched to see one at night.

Books without pictures lots of pictures…

Lately I’ve been reading A Season in Turmoil by Samuel Abt. It’s a collection of articles from the end of the LeMond era into the beginning of the Lance era. It has some really good interviews with Lance and LeMond. I bought one used off Amazon for 14 cents and it’s been worth every penny.

I’ll close with my new favorite cycling pic

Andy, Frank, and Mark (in unison): How’d you girls get so tan??

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