Tuesday, November 3, 2009

R & R

The cycling doctor in Belgium said I should take three weeks off when I got home. That meant I’d have a lot of time to fill.

While resting I dreamed up a comprehensive cycling database. After all, Wikipedia only tells so much. I wanted something along the lines of those MLB or NFL almanacs. Shortly after I began researching PHP and SQL I found this site. They even have a list of all the PROs’ tweets!

Oh and I forgot to mention, while in Belgium I made the Belgian Cyclingnews!

The three weeks gave me a lot of time to upgrade my gear. The Tibco team had a big sale so I picked up some SRAM! I got a few sets of Force shifters and derailleurs. I put one set on my Tarmac and so far I really like it.

The first thing I noticed was the 100 gram weight savings. This is really important when you’re rolling 36 spoke Open Pro spinners and a Powertap.

I also got a pair of DeFeet Slipstream shoe covers. Aside from keeping your feet noticeably warmer, the real benefit is the aesthetics. If you’re like me and happen to be rocking Sidis older than Jim’s Cervelo, these are priceless. They turned my wrecked shoes into clean, black pistons, so to speak. You can get free shipping on them if you buy from this guy.

In non-bike related adventures I think I found the best coffee in the bay. The place is called Philz Coffee and their stuff is amazing. They roast it locally which appears to be the real difference. That and they make each cup to order. Oh and if you order it with cream and sugar, do it on a day you’ve ridden or tell them to go light. They use heavy cream which can really put a dent in your Weight Watchers points.

I had planned on doing some cyclocross this season but the doc said nish nish. So, I did the next best thing and went out to the Pilarcitos race in McLaren Park. After seeing the real deal this summer I was skeptical. Despite the lack of a proper Cross Saloon the race was pretty legit. It was super technical and painfully hilly, or so it appeared. The massive hill halfway through gave me the opportunity to practice my rabid fan’s “Alpe d’Huez push.”
Oh and I had plenty of time for cycling news…
Italian Doping Scandal? It’s about time they go back and test the 2008 Giro samples. After Piepoli and Ricco, both of whom are Italian, tested positive for CERA in the 2008 Tour it was no surprise that Giro director Angelo Zomegnan didn’t want to go back and test the samples. No need to catch Italians cheating at their own race. Ever notice how there hasn’t been a Frenchman caught at the Tour in recent years? Same principle.
Cuddles – It’ll be interesting to see how Cadel performs next season on the new BMC getup. The fact that the reworked BMC team is stacked with talent is a double edged sword for Evans. On the one hand he’ll have all the support he needs. On the other, no more excuses. Well, unless he uses the ol’ super glue on the rear skewer trick.

Lately, I’m back to training. The doc gave me a training plan of four 2 hour rides at endurance pace with cadence exercises mixed in and three hours of swimming a week. After this period I’ll have a week of rest and then increase the volume and begin working on some specifics. In addition, I’ve begun doing core work and stretching. I’ve done core work off and on but I never really focused on it. I found a few sites that have pretty useful exercises, most of which can be done at home without any equipment.

Bodyweight Excercises

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