Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mt. Diablo-ho-ho

The other day there was snow on Mt. Diablo so I headed up it for some hill intervals.

It was the first day of this insane cold spell we've had. I don't even have riding clothes warm enough for this type of weather. My leg warmers held up pretty well and my new thermal jackets helped. My DeFeet DuraGloves failed miserably though. I had to go back to my tired 1980s leather Performance gloves.

By the time I made it up to Ranger station there was snow on parts of the road and it was getting chilly. Luckily, for my sake, the gate up was closed.

I dropped down and did a few more intervals. I nearly froze coming down South Gate Road. Definitely the coldest day I'd had on a bike.

That record lasted less than 24 hours! The next morning I went out at 645 and was frozen to the bone within 10 minutes. Around 50 minutes I was coming up on Danville Peet's. I was going to keep riding but decided to just grab a cup of coffee. Once inside I nearly collapsed.

It took 30 minutes to completely thaw. I decided to cut the ride short and return home. I rode for about ten minutes before trying to take a drink of water. My bottles were frozen.

I went out and rode the next day. Froze again. For some reason it didn't dawn on me to get warmer clothes. I assumed all along that it was just a freak occurrence and the sun was around the corner. It's been a week since that ride up Diablo and it's still freezing out. I'm beginning to accept my lot in life.

But...big news this week!

Finally! Some news on Wiggins. Finally, the speculation and rumoring comes to an end...for the time being. Personally, I'm glad to see him go. I remember his semi-derogatory statements post-Tour about needing a better team to compete in the Tour. It's not that I don't like him, I just don't see him as the best 'Garmin' fit. The other Garmin guys smile, do funny interviews, are goofy, et cetera. I also would like to see what VDV can do this year. Not to mention, it'll be cool to see what Wiggins can do on Sky.

Apparently Millar didn't think he was the best fit either. In an interview with Velocity Nation he goes on to say "Brads come and go." More importantly, he talks about his experience doping. For those of you who have ever wondered what taking EPO does, he describes it. He also talks a lot about Stage 6 of this year's Tour where he almost won. For those of you who haven't seen it it's worth checking watching.

Other big Garmin news is that Allen Lim is leaving. I was pretty surprised about this one. It always seemed like he had a nice home there at Garmin. However, according to the Competitive Cyclist blog maybe he wasn't treated so well. I'm a bit sad to see him leave Garmin but also stoked to see what he can do for The Shack!

In his place will be Dr. Inigo San Millan. He was interviewed by Veloctiy Nation a while back so I had heard of him. This guy's pretty up on the 'New School', if you will, of cycling and technology (training methods, aerodynamics, et cetera). He doesn't seem quite as innovative as Lim but Garmin, with Lim's existing tweaks, will continue to improve on this front with San Millan.

Speaking of Garmin, wouldn’t it be sick to see them on nice bikes? I mentioned this to Jim, forgetting that he owns a Felt. Not that they aren't doing cool stuff with the aero road bikes, they just don't have the appeal of a Specialized or Cervelo or Ridley. Part of that is the fact that they seem to have been invented around the time Garmin jumped on them. The other part is their branding, or lack thereof. I agree though that it has to be an American brand so throw out Cervelo and Ridley. That still leaves several possible matches.

In case you haven't heard enough about Garmin, here are some goofy pics and a good interview with one of their mechanics.

More news on the Trek-LeMond suit.

Now for my favorite piece of news...Ricco! Apparently he's eying San Remo for his comeback! Has it been that long? The funniest piece of the article is the line mentioning "a further period when his main occupation was teaching spinning classes in his local gym." Spinning classes at his local gym? I once thought of the line "the road to PRO-dom is paved with bike shop managers." But spinning classes? I realize falls from grace can be painful but maybe this is a special variety reserved for self-nicknaming primadonnas...

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