Saturday, December 5, 2009

My nose hurts...

I haven't ridden for a few days now. Friday I had surgery on my nose. I've had trouble breathing since that fateful game of bball in high school where I caught a massive 'bo. Anyways, I should get the splints out soon and I'll be back on the bike.

News, news, news...

Well, in the absence of any real cycling news it appears the media outlets have resorted to regurgitating old stuff. I mean really, could anyone care less about cycling's two biggest drama queens? Especially when the Manxman was winning every sprint stage and a relative unknown spent a week in yellow.

Bettini in true NFL fashion has been accused of tax evasion. All that money and he can't afford an account?

Looks like Six Day legend Iljo Keisse has an offer from Quick Step for next year. That'd be exciting to see him there. He also has offers from Silence-Lotto (Omega Pharma-Lotto) and Vacansoleil.

From My 5th Kermis - 9-11-09

Apparently the result of his doping case is moot. He contended his positive came from contaminated nutritional products. This is something about which the doctor I saw in Beligum warned me. He said, in the US at least, that sometimes supplements are manufactured on machines used for steroids and that the standards here aren't high enough. He only recommended supplements produced in the EU. It's something I never really thought about before but come to think of it I heard Michael Creed mention this in a interview:

"Let's be honest, I'm so paranoid of contaminants and whatnot from supplements, it sucks living in the same town as USADA, because I don't drink protein drinks, I don't take tablets. There's a lot of things that are hard for me to do, because I'm worried. If you got tested 365 days out of the year, sooner or later you're going to come up with something. Everybody will."

In other news, here's to a killer charity event that I'd love to see. Boonen and other PROs are doing a cross race to raise money. I haven't been this excited about charity since Ali G's telethon...

Garmin has a new secondary sponsor and will now be known as Garmin-Transitions. Glad to see cycling's still attracting new sponsors.

Some interesting interviews from this past week:

Here's one with Tyler Hamilton where he discusses his depression.

Here's another good one with new BMC signee John Murphy. From the domestic circuit to Paris-Roubaix next year. Always cool to see Americans make that jump.

Pez also wrapped up the Gent Six Day with two more good articles:
Article 1
Article 2

Lastly, I'll give a plug for the Samuel Abt books I've been reading. I've bought a few and they're all really good.

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