Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bauer again!

My buddy Jack one again this weekend! Hats off to him. With a start like this he'll be ProTour by next year!

In other news, Riccò's woman is caught! A family affair? Wick Nasty called me Friday night to let me in on the news. Surprised but not shocked...

VelocityNation has a funny Toto (cartoon) up about the incident.

This Italian site has some great pic galleries. They're all listed on the right side of the page. The Canyon factory is quite impressive. Well, the building is at least. I'm not sure how great their bikes are but they at least know their architecture. After all, they did do some pretty jank stuff with their first cut at the ProTour...

"" for a logo? Weak. The colorway is pretty uninspiring too. It's still leaps and bounds above Lance's cartoon Tour bike.

This isn't gratuitous Lance bashing either, that thing was just awful.

The De Rosa gallery is pretty sweet too.

One of the bikes in the EuroBike or Handmade galleries came with an interesting bottle holder...

Also, did anyone notice Greipel's Painful Podium Face at the Tour Down Under? Here's a montage:

It seems to progress a bit though and become a little less pained by Stage 4. Maybe that's because victory is in sight at that point.

Speaking of pain, Jens is back in action! After his crash in the Tour this year I was pretty worried he'd have permanent damage to his face. Then, while looking for the crash clip I came across this one of him talking after the crash. Luckily, per the pic above from the Tour Down Under, he and his face seem to have recovered just fine.

Speaking of descending, a friend forwarded me this killer video of Levi descending:

Levi Leipheimer Descending Pine Flat Road from Roger Bartels on Vimeo.

There's also one of him on a mountain bike. He flies!

Oh yeah, the Trek-LeMonde suit has been settled. Apparently Trek is going to make two $100,000 donations to a charity LeMonde likes. I'm guessing it's not Livestrong.

Lastly, I'll give a plug for my new favorite sauce:

It's out of this world good. I tried it at a Chipotle's the other day (okay I'll admit, I've eaten there once, maybe twice since they stopped sponsoring Vaughter's boys). They also have it at Safeway now. (Note: use in moderation and definitely not before a ride of any length!)

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