Monday, January 18, 2010

El Niño again??

(In case you don't watch the news, I don't, it's been raining a lot on the West Coast.)


I read some more of the Riccò-covered Pro Cycling. While scrolling through the last few pages I noticed this ad:

It's for the Club La Santa which is apparently the "Number One [their caps not mine] sports and active holiday resort in the World [again, their caps]." What do people do at the world's "Number One" active resort? Ride in bibs!!! Wow, cool resort!

The rest of the issue was pretty good though. They did an article on Levi's Gran Fondo with a ton of pics.

They're running a special right now on subscriptions if you're interested. Here's the link. No, I'm not getting paid for this. Despite having vast experience in html (Source: circa early 2001 internet database for Metal/Rock MIDIS known as Jarrett's Realm) I don't have the 'know how' or 'sticktuitiveness', at least in the digital, interweb sense of those terms, to get paid for it. However, if you do subscribe, please let me know!


Speaking of Riccò, he responds! Really? Is this really news? No one has informed us why they haven't revealed the results of the 2008 Giro re-tests, likely he'd test positive there too, so they're left spinning gossip. Blah! I did enjoy one of The Cobra's responses though: "He’s the number-one sprinter in the world and so he’s always right." The king is always right!

More kit reviews (ha!)

How about Astana's new gear? I like the addition of red to their kits/bikes. Also cool to see them on Specialized. Maybe Specialized can get its first Tour this year?!

"Vino have go potty!"

Initially, I thought the sky kits were super weak.

But, after seeing them win at the Cancer Council Helpline Classic (say that three times fast), I've changed my tune.

I think from a marketing perspective these are the smartest kits in cycling. Clear, concise, SKY!

However, the guy rocking the coolest kit this year will definitely be Big George. Let's hope he pulls a classic win this Spring!

Tech - don't get scientifical!!

Velocity Nation has an interesting piece on ceramic pulleys. An engineer who cycles told me a while back the ceramic bearings used in bike gear are really low grade. Zipp's lead engineer goes into more detail in this interview. Bottom line, your money's better spent on fruity drink mix, at least you'll notice a difference.

J W Bender introduced me to a nice piece of non-cycling gear that's useful for cycling. It's a 3M tape that's designed for aircraft use but is also good for protecting your frame from cables. (Note: I just put some of this stuff on my bike so I'll update in a few months how it's wearing.)

Okay I swear I'll have a post up soon with a good training or racing tale. If not, I swear I'll have more opinions, hehe.

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