Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everyone's Favorite Spin Instructor...

The latest edition of Pro Cycling features none other than Ricardo Riccò on the cover! Inside there's an interview with him, Hamilton, Millar, and Kohl.

The interview with Riccò is so-so. As you might guess, the guy's a joke. In his defense though, he made the 2008 Giro and Tour super exciting. It was at a cost though. Cavendish takes a shot at him in the magazine by saying he wanted to punch him in the face. "In the 2008 Tour, I almost finished outside the time limit because of what he did in the Pyranees." Cav points to an oft-neglected fact, Riccò put 30 people out of jobs. That's not completely true but it's still a good point. Suanier Duval is just no longer the sponsor, Fuji-Servetto is, now Footon-Fuji-Servetto.

The interviewer also takes him on his word that the only time he took EPO was before the Tour. Really? So he launched the same awe-inspiring attacks without doping? Riccò says he was "tired" after the Giro. I'm not buying it. It's also no wonder that Zomegnan refused to retest the Giro samples. No use taking down the top Italian finisher. According to the Wiki on the 2008 Giro the UCI has gone back and retested these samples despite Zomegnan's wishes. No news has come out other than there were some positives.

Enough about that though, some real news came out this week. Zirbel's positive!?!? This COMPLETELY shocked me. If I could pick one guy least likely, well he'd be up there. I also was rooting for him after his move to Garmin. It was inspiring to see a guy who didn't go PRO until his late 20's make it so far. My guess is that it was something in his food or a supplement he took. I remember the doctor from Belgium telling me that U.S. supplements were unsafe due to lax standards. He said that supplements were sometimes manufactured on machines that had been used for other supplements leaving traces of, say steroids, in your B12 vitamins. Fortunately, they don't test the guys who get pulled so I never worry about this.

I think this is completely unlikely and really feel for the guy.

Okay I'm losing steam but here are a few more quick pieces.

Soler's going to Caisse. It'll be interesting to see what he can do on Caisse. He looked strong at the 2008 Giro but has apparently be plagued by injury.

Tibco's going international! It's really exciting to see them going so big. Also cool that they're right down the road in Pescadero, well at least Linda Jackson is. The other day I was out riding and came across (they passed me) Brooke Miller and Alison Rosenthal, and another guy. I rode with them up Tunitas then returned home. Brooke's a singer, in that she sings a lot while riding, and Alison has a full time job. Both were a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to ride with them.

Velocity Nation has a good interview up with Farrar.

Lastly, my quote of the week "I'm just a regular guy humbled by how inspirational I am." Courtesy of the latest Toto...

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