Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kiwis and Camo Kits...

Where to start? Jack Bauer wins the Kiwi Road Championships!!

I was checking cyclingnews when all the sudden I see Dean, then Roulston, then...Bauer!!! This made my night. So cool to see him beating those seasoned PROs!

I met Jack at "the Farm" this summer. We even raced together. By 'race,' I mean I paid my three euro, he paid his three euro, I survived maybe a lap, he finished top 3.

Congrats Jack!

In other news, Footon-Servetto-Fuji just unveiled the ugliest kits in the ProTour...

I'm not sure what they were going for here. Did they want a camo look? Was it so they escape detection in another fruitless Vuelta breakaway??

The photographer went on to take the most awkward cycling pic I've ever seen...

Speaking of cool team uniforms, check out the new blazers from ISD - Neri!

Quick Step unveiled their new bikes. I liked them on Specialized so I'm sorry to see that end. However, the Merckxes are pretty sweet...

Pez had a great interview with Kenny Van Hummel. He's infamous for being the Lanterne Rouge. I think it was the Tour's Doctor who said he was the worst climber in the ProTour... Outside of climbing thousands of meters each day, he's super fast and seems like a cool guy.

Pez also did a nice Zirbel wrap up. They explain the steroid for which he tested positive. I still want to see the B sample but I suppose that's naive.

The coolest article of the week was about the Garmin Service Course. I love seeing the 'insides' of bike racing and this is a great article for that. Here's the gallery.

Oh and I swear I'll have some more race reports/adventure blogs up soon. I'll be down at the Early Birds next weekend and after that the season begins!

Lastly, the gear of the year...podium shoes!! Finally!

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