Sunday, January 24, 2010

Late Late Jan Post

Okay so I promised racing/training adventures and if not those, then opinions. Well, I did ride up Tunitas in the rain on Sat. Along the way I smoked a kid in a Stanford kit. (By smoked I mean I was riding easy until I saw him, rode hard past him, then rode easy again once out of sight.) We chatted once he got to the top and he said he had bonked. We chatted a bit and I gave him two bars then headed home. That's all for the adventure/training/racing. Now for opinions...

The Time frame is fixed! I don't know if I mentioned it but it was damaged in shipping. DON'T USE UPS FOR BIKE SHIPPING!!! They totally screwed me. In shipping the rear drop and derailleur hanger were bent. The guy packed it really well. However, UPS said it wasn't packed well enough so they gave me $0.00 for my insurance claim (I had purchased $1000 in insurance). How did they decide it wasn't packed well enough? I took pics they requested and they judged based on that. Seriously! Not to mention I had to call repeatedly for info on the situation. Apparently their policy is they only speak with the shipper.

Basically, don't ship bikes UPS, even if they are insured. The insurance means nothing. Also, the rule of thumb on insurance is this: if you can afford to replace it, don't buy insurance. I've been shipping eBay gear for years and have never had a package lost or damage. I've saved hundreds. The one case in which something was damaged, this one, the insurance was useless. (I realize that's a completely un-mathematical justification for not buying insurance and I assure you (insure you) that it can be justified mathematically (scientifically) but I can't do that, per se.)

Anyways, I took it by the LBS in HMB and they fixed it right up. They had this Campy tool for straightening the drop. They also said that derailleur hangers are almost always unaligned, even on new frames. So, after my ride I took my Tarmac by and they realigned mine (it was slightly off).


The bike news recently has been pretty uninteresting. Well, except for Niels Albert winning the World Championships with a broken rib!

Looks like ISD is going to be on Cipollini bikes this season. They look pretty cool but I liked them on Specialized, especially with their neon yellow. In the word's of Cipo, "The MCipollini bike is an egoistical bike because its been created for a rider like me, who demands the best and pays huge attention to detail" egotistical bike? Is that possible?

They set the stage with another in a long series of awkward bike pics:

While surfing eBay late last night for a way to burn my eBay Bucks I came across some interesting auctions.

The first was this really cool hoodie:

Then there was an auction for an autographed Alessandro Ballan jersey.

This reminded me of his INCREDIBLE attack during the 2008 World Championships. Out of all the cycling clips I've seen over the past, well 2 1/2 years, this is my favorite.

Before dropping all my eBay bucks and another $200 on the Ballan jersey I came across this Riccò signed jersey...for slightly less ducats.

I had to settle on the less appealing Saunier Duval miniature tour bus.

Does it come with Riccò and Piepoli action figures? Is this really safe for children? I mean, isn't the Suanier Duval Miniature Tour Bus kind of a gateway drug? According to the listing you can even get the 2th bus shipped at reduced cost!

Lastly, a killer tandem off Velogo:

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