Sunday, February 21, 2010 blows it again...

--So, after blowing the Giro and Vuelta (and Tour), by 'blow' I mean they had nothing but highlights of these events despite their 'Grand Tour' package, they blew it again. After missing the Omloop Het Niewsblad (Ok, I almost spelled it right on the first try) I decided to watch it on demand. (I still have a subscription since they refused a refund after not covering the Giro, or the Vuelta.) I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to indulge...wait...buffering...disconnected...buffering...okay there's Magnus's introduction to the race for the 15th time...buffering. So basically I got to see a whole 2 minutes of the race highlights, 10 times.

In short, please tell your friends. You're better off going to and picking up a feed there. At least those are reliable.

--On a lighter note, the Giro's coming!!! Woohoo! I'm so psyched about this. I'm definitely going to fly out there for it. Aside from making this an HISTORIC Giro, Zomegnan was just happy about DC's train tracks and parked cars. 'Ciclismo need excitement!' he explained. (Btw, anyone know if he's ever ridden a bike? According to the Italian Wiki he got his start at the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport...not to be confused with an actual cycling team. Maybe this explains his penchant for excitement over safety.)

Apparently, DC mayor Fenty is an avid cyclist as well. Former mayor Marion "He May Not Be Perfect, But He's Perfect For DC" Barry liked the idea but added "Why gotta have a bike race justta see girls on stage??"

--Sram has a cool blog going called 'The Road Diaries'. They recently had some good tips for cyclists of all levels.

--And, another team in black... Why? Really. Sky did it, and although I liked the marketing--just having 'Sky' on the jersey--the color sucks. I'm not a scientist (there, I said it) but in a sport where riders are going to extreme lengths for that last 1%, you'd think this would be a no-brainer. Black, it's hotter, nix it. My prediction is Sky will go white, like Cervelo did, for the Tour.

--According to an article in the recent Procycling Magazine Lance has switched to Look Keos. They mentioned Dr. Lim, a recently surprise switch ($$$), convinced him away from the tired Shimano pedals.

--Yesterday after riding Diablo I went by the LBS to see if they could detect the source of my bike's mystery squeak. He mentioned Specialized had told them to put linseed oil down their seat tubes to prevent squeaks. I was going to get some today from Home Depot but they only had a gallon jug. I ride a 52 so I thought that was a bit much.

--Lastly, we're only two weeks away from Milan-San Remo so I'll leave you with last year's gut-wrenching finish...

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