Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tour of Qatar?

First and foremost, the Tour of Qatar just got rolling. Before I say anything, take a look at the parcours…

Yep, figure eights around a small small island (CORRECTION! Qatar is a small small peninsula, Bahrain is the island. My apologies). Apparently some of the roads were built just for the race. Not to mention, the women's Tour of Qatar had a stage shortened due to...wait...wait...WIND!!

Okay, I like the Middle East, I really do...but not for bike racing!

I suppose the only redeeming aspect is their fanfare...

Which brings to mind, why don't we get any news from the rest of the Asian racing scene? Tour of Taiwan, Tour of Indonesia, Tour of (big Chinese race whose name I can't remember)?

Oh and my new favorite PRO:

Dan Holloway! That was at the Coppenhagen Six. Pez has a good writeup about it.

By they way, since when is he on Bissell? What happened with Garmin? Maybe he didn't mesh with them?

Also on the surprise list, not in that I can't believe it just that I didn't know it, Justin Williams is on Radioshack.

Speaking of, anyone been to The Shack recently? Gone is the geeked out battery/transistor superstore. It's actually quite enjoyable now.

A new documentary is coming out soon:

I found that on Velogogo.

Lastly, I came across this blog called Cycling Tips that's pretty good. They've got a few interviews and lots of good pics.

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