Sunday, February 14, 2010

With Friends Like These...

-Recently the UCI banned the Specialized Shiv TT bike. Thanks UCI, we appreciate the timely enforcement of your archaic standards. Really. Instead of communicating effectively with Specialized, the UCI dropped the ball. Many of you will remember the Prologue from last year's Tour in which Fabian Cancellara rode...wait...wait...the Specialized Shiv to victory. Now, there's little doubt he would have won this Prologue whether he was on the Shiv or this. Cancellara went on to win two Vuelta ITTs on this bike.

Without addressing the issue of the rules themselves and how outdated they may be...

The UCI could do a much better job of enforcing them. After all, cycling has enough challenges already (e.g. doping, sponsorship, chaffing, Pozzato's tatto).

-Anywho, hey Levi, what's Odessa do when you forget to feed the horses??

-Sleep matters! Here's a good article on sleep and how it affects your riding. Here's the meat of the article: HGH production peaks about 60 minutes after the onset of sleep, but more than 50% of HGH production occurs after the third REM cycle (beginning in hour 7 of sleep).

-It's good to see an Asian contingent forming in the ProTour (Fuyu Li of China and Fumy Beppu of Japan).

-Pez also had a good interview with Colby Pearce. He rode with Holloway in the sixes this season and seems like a pretty cool guy.

Okay that's all I've got for now. I'll leave you with this...

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