Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zirbel's B Sample and Cham-E Cream

--What about Zirbel's B sample? On 29 Jan he posted on his blog that the B sample was positive. It's been two weeks since the news and none of the major cycling news sites have reported it. Where's the follow up? Guess it went in the memory hole while they were dreaming up new drama for next year's podium.

Anyways, I'm bummed to hear this as I was really pulling for him. I do still believe that as strict as the regulations in cycling are around doping it could have been accidental. The quality control on many supplements can be poor. That being said, if I'm a PRO I'm going to be acutely aware of this fact.

Do events like this kill my enjoyment of the sport, make me jaded? Absolutely not. There will always be people willing to cheat and at the end of the day it's on them. It's their karma.

--On a lighter, creamier note, I went by the LBS the other day to pick up some tubular glue (if you've never glued a tubular, I hadn't, I highly recommend it. I'm not saying it's a laugh or all that fun, but it definitely feels PRO!). While there I spotted a new type of cham-E cream.

I was skeptical since I've been using the tried and true Beljum Budder for a couple years now.

I figured since the "betwixt" cream was similarly priced and paraben-free I'd give it a whirl. (Note: I have no clue what parabens actually are but I'm acting on the assumption that if someone spent the time to design a product without them, thus breaking with the existing types of cham-E cream, they might be something I don't want on my rear.)

Anyways, I tried it out and wow does it feel good! I'm tempted to use it down there when I'm not, um, cycling. That being said, I've yet to use it on a ride over say an hour--the real test. My guess, though, is that it won't pass. It's super smooth and creamy, oh so creamy, which leads me to believe it'll breakdown quickly.

This is pretty cool, huh? A product review devoid of a meaningful conclusion! Might as well be reading a bike review from Road Bike Action Magazine or something.

Anyways, if you're really going to be putting the miles in there's only one solution:

Bag Balm. It's made to be used on cows' udders. Super greasy, greasier than vaseline, but boy does it work. I used it on a ride last summer and it was flawless. 150 miles in the heat and I didn't have a single rub.

--Someone sent me this really cool video of the Chery Pie Crit.

--Anyone ridden Arizona? had some killer pics of the rebranded OUCH boys in AZ. Looks pretty enjoyable.

--Pez also had a writeup on Rouleur's 2009 collection. Rouleur is by far the best cycling art mag out there. Their pics are amazing and if I remember correctly there's no advertising. They also have some sick shirts up on their site.

--Importantly, anyone know how to insert a tracker so I can see on which links people actually click? This post has a ton and I'm interested in seeing how many get clicked. Anyone out there with advanced interwed expertise?

--Some of you probably heard about Franco Ballerini's death recently. I had no clue who he was until I read this. As a relative neophyte to the sport, I still have a lot to learn about past greats. For those of you in this class, Belgium Knee Warmers had a nice article on him.

--A new Toto is out! It's one of the funniest yet.

--Looks like Jussi's already rocking this season. You know, I met him once in Beligum. Well, kinda'. It was a stage of the Eneco Tour and I had ridden to the start. Riders were rolling to sign in when I caught glimpse of him.

"Jussi!" I yelled.
"Hey!" he said, looking back.

Cool guy.

--Pez finally posted their interview with Daniel Holloway. He mentions that Garmin was heading in a bit different direction [away from a 'sprint' program]. That's unfortunate but I still think he can make it onto the Euro scene. Btw, anyone have the link to his site where he's doing the streams of the sixes? I know they're over but I'd like to see his other posts. The only blog I have for him is outdated.

--Speaking of the sixes, Pez did a final post about the Copenhagen Six Day.

--They also posted some great pics of the Shack's training camp. Posh!

--Chodroff's rocked down the the Valley of the Sun. He's another guy to watch. I read about him first on Velocity Nation. I remember him at sign-in at Fitchburg last year. "Yeah, I'm PRO this year..." he explained to the official.

--I have a few more things but I'll save them for the next post. For now, I'll leave you with this...

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