Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alla San Remo!

-What a race. Although, for me the most exciting part wasn't the finish. (Spoiler coming...) It was watching the descent of the Cipressa and hoping, praying, Cav would catch back on!

Cav had missed some early season races due to some dental problems. I can't help but be reminded of the Mike Meyers' "British Toothpaste" skit. You don't have to brush your teeth every week, but you just might want to...

Carrying on, the race was riveting. Freire surprised us all with his sprint to victory. My heart goes out to Haussler who will spend another year grieving his 2009 loss to Cav.

-By the way, did anyone else notice Cav's trucker beard? During the race I thought it was just mud but afterwards I saw this interview. Also, the commentators mention he's got a model girlfriend in Milan. Does this mean he's Lance'd the homely British wife to whom he was married?

-Here are some great pre-race pics of the gear. And some even better ones of the rest.

-In other news, there are still crashes in Cat 4 races...

-This new site, Velofight.com has fantasy cycling. I've yet to try it out but the idea of spending hours making imaginary and fruitless bets sounds appealing (aren't I still blogging??).

-Lastly, coming soon will be my "Rider types" blog. For example: "The Sherpa": This rider knows nothing of the culture of cycling, nor its propensity for generating heat, which in fact warms you. Consequently, you'll often see these riders armed to the hilt with their heaviest North Face jacket AND pants along with a full Camelback. Take them off their bikes and they'd easily survive in say, Greenland.

-I'll leave you with more cycling music...

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