Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“Always attack as late as you can, but before the others do.”

-I was chatting with a guy while riding Tunitas the other day when something occured to me: the rationale behind the Tour of California's move to May. Zomegnan (Journalist turned Race Director of Il Giro d'Italia) has become increasingly dictatorial with the Giro which is held in May. The two other Grand Tours (Le Tour and La Vuelta) are owned by the ASO. Thus, with Mr. Z digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole (through every fault of his own), the ASO decided to one up him and take a chunk out of his May market share by changing the Tour of California date. Now, instead of just the Giro in May, there's a major competitor for mid-May racers. Yes, California is twelve hours from Europe. But DC is 6, and that's not stopping them. Oh and did I mention cycling's cash cow, Lance, isn't coming to the Giro this year?? (I don't think Contador is either so it looks like it'll just be Evans, Menchov, and hopefully someone who can do a wheel change)

-For those of you who want to hear bike commentary, this site has regular podcasts. Like with this blog, I can't vouch for quality. But they're consistent!

-Recently I've been thinking about a name change for the blog. I started this blog back in 2008 with the intention of just recording the runs, rides, adventures I was having. Since then it has morphed into lowly bike commentary and the occasional adventure.

After a recent email from my biggest fan I decided it was time to make the switch. What do you guys think? BikeBoy? The PedalPhile?

-Lastly, my favorite piece:

Looks like the brilliant people over at Rapha made a slight error in the design ("fashion disaster" as they call it) of their recent Italian flag jersey. (The flag is upside down.) Not to worry, they'll be back to making more overpriced hipster crap soon, at least until their market wakes up, discards the bikes they can't ride, and realize the tattoos...are here to stay.

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