Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few quick notes...(I got a real J.O.B.)

-Stop putting GRAFFITI ON BIKES!!!! Yes, graffiti has its place and preferably on an abandoned building, train car, or water tower. NOT on brand new carbon bikes! Weren't Lance's 2009 Toor bikes disaster enough??

-Good to see collegiate action being reported. I was out in Virginia last summer when I happened to run into Switters (guy who wrote article I just linked). He raced for Rock for a while and had some good stories about the Tour of Columbia and 60k climbs. Whew!

-This is really disturbing. It's a shame to see riders so young doping.

-This guy support my claim about

-Some of you have seen these space boots before. I'd be interested in trying a pair. Not that my legs have anything to recover from anymore...

-Check out this INCREDIBLE feat (check out the right side of the road around 2:25).

You can see more slow-mo pics on the killer SRAM blog.

-Lastly, whatever you do, don't forget about Milan-San Remo this Saturday. Last year's was breathtaking and this year's is stacked.

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