Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Win for Jens and a Team for Floyd!

-Jens nabbed the overall at Paris-Nice today! Peter Sagan got the win for today's stage. By the way, he's 20!

-Landis, who formerly rode for the Please-Anyone-TakeMe squad, now has a team. GM, Steve Owens stated: "We're confident in Floyd's commitment to being a powerful ambassador for the Bahati Foundation." I assume by "powerful ambassador" Owens didn't mean to other countries, say France??

-In a recent issue of Procycling Hinault stated: "In 1986, it was all clearly set out - LeMond would win and that was the end of it." I wonder if anyone else knew that.

He also debuted his new clothing line.

-Can't ride like Lance? Want your kids to at least look like him? California Cryobank is offering Lance Look-A-Likes. They don't say whether or not the child could ride like Lance. Maybe I'm missing the point...

-This Stephen Roche interview is pretty interesting.

-Lastly, my new favorite blog. I added them to my feed and found this killer post on the 2009 season. He aptly notes Hoogerland's incredible efforts at the Vuelta and the Haussler pic from Milan-San Remo makes my skin tingle. He also mentions that, okay well go read the article.

I'll leave you with this pic:

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