Friday, April 16, 2010

Chapeau Gilbert, and Ryder! (Slash, Day 1: SF)

--First off, way to go Gilbert! I've been pulling for him and I'm glad he got one. Also, big-it-ups to Ryder for an amazing finish. He's definitely on the up and up, if you will. If you haven't watched the last k yet, I recommend it.

I have nothing else insightful to say about the race. This was the first classic this year for which I didn't wake up at 6 am to catch the jank feed. So, I only caught the last K. Oh wait, so initially I thought Gilbert was on the front a bit early, towards the finish. I thought he might burn out but he was just avoiding the carnage as his opponents fell. Then, Ryder came through for second which was cool.

--This video gives me tingles:

It's a downhome view of Roubaix. What a race.

--New uses for the iPad:

iPad Sprocket Pocket from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

Maybe once Jobs gets on the cycling ball and supports the iTeam (I'm in the process of tradmarking that) they could use these in the peloton. I like the idea, at least until a suburban minivanner sees the "5 for a dollar" deal at Jack in the Box and makes a hard right into you crushing your pre-ordered, $500 turn signal.

--Lastly, I went on my second SF ride today. I moved into my place in the Lower Haight this weekend so I headed over the bridge both days. I had ridden up to Pt. Reyes before but nothing on the bay side of Marin, at least not past Saulsalito. What a scene.

I did the short loop, at leas that I know of called Paradis Loop. It winds down to Saulsalito, then through Corte Madera. Then, it turns back and you head to Tiburon along Paradise Drive. This ppart is just stunning. The view of the bay and the boats reminds me of Florida, only minus the humidity. I'll take pics next time I'm ride it.

The climb up to Tiburon is a slight incline with a major tailwind. It's a big ring climb in the trees with occasional views of the bay. The mild incline plus the killer tailwind gets a guy feelingò!!

After Tiburon there's Beach Road which blows me away. It reminds me of Lake Como with the narrow roads on the waterside cliffs.

When I came home my neighbor asked what year I'd ridden for Cal. Turns out he's a Cal grad I'd met at the Port Ride. Cycling's a small world.

Ride safe!

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