Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Say it ain't so!!!!

--Ballan!?!? Could it be? No, please, not you. I cheered, my sweat and...cheers, for you!

Really, it was spectacular.

What a shame. Like most (no, not your Ricco), I hope it's not true.

--In other news, remember HTC? How they came onto the scene last year and everyone was like, "Okay, we knew Columbia was lame, but who's HTC?" Well, after putting out a new smartphone, basically every week, they've had killer revenues which they attribute to their marketing. Woohoo!

What's this mean? Cycling's not broke! For a long time I've thought the cycling ad model was quite weak. What say you HTC? Ich don't think so! According to soon-to-be Haas grad J. W. Bender, Milram went from the number 4 milk producer to the number 1 milk producer, all on the backs of Gerdeman and Ciolek!

Hopefully we'll see more tech companies support cycling. I can see it now, the Googlers! Or better yet, the iTeam! They could wear really tight lycra "jeans" with ear buds and iPhones for race radios.

--Speaking of HTC (Columbia), did I mention Cav is coming out in May?? What a sweet summer it'll be. I mean really, this is a TdF quality lineup.

--Tyler Karnes goes from jankset to Velonews in under 12 months! Way to go kid!

--Lastly, le Queen of le Classics is this weekend. The big one. The grand salami. Who's gonna win?

I'd like to see Gilbert win one. Yes, I love Spartacus as much as the next Roman, but I gotta cheer for the underdog. Or maybe Nibali gives it a go? What if Cancellara peaked for Flanders, which we can assume he did given is pre-race comments about targeting Flanders, and Boonen is peaking for Roubaix? Wouldn't that be sweet? A fourth for ol' Tom? Oh and Devolder, it'd be cool to see him win it. He's caught the ire of Lefevere and so I'd like to see him stick it to him.

For the record: 1. Spartacus, 2. Boonen, 3. Gilbert


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