Wednesday, April 28, 2010


--And the most talked about man in the peloton is back. Way to go. Unfortunately, he won't be rocking the Giro like he did in '08...

--And...another few bite the dust. In case you were thinking all these positives were bad, they're not. The sport is getting cleaner. Not to mention, Pellizotti will have more time to work on his hair. Life's good.

--The Manxman is angry! Cav, it's okay dude. You're still the greatest. Greipel will be lucky to win A stage of le Tour, little on six! (Btw, his own website only lists four for last year. Time to get a new webmaster?) I digest.

Just to play the shrink for a minute: bad showing at Milan-San Remo, sore tooth, and now little Greipel's getting uppity! (Btw, is it just me or does talking bad about your current employees/employer NOT sound like a good idea???)

--On the subject of bad bikes, we've got another:

What can he say? He follows the hawk, like Borat! I like!

This is almost as bad as the jersey he wore when he first came back:

Vino ride for Vino...

--Another riveting interview by VeloNews. Great headline: Fulgsang: ‘I dream to win the Tour.’ These days it's so hard to find a cyclist who dreams of winning the Tour...

--Lastly, I gotta get to work. The other day it was raining but I told MUNI to get stuffed (a la Cavendish, only without the finish line). MUNI was stuffed all the way to Grant when I attempted to cross the tracks. They ate me again.

Cable car tracks: 2 (they got me once before)
Me: 0

The wrist is bruised but not broke. I'll be back at it soon.

In the meantime, you can find me @jstreebin on Twitter. (Not sure if that linkage is correct since I'm new to Twitter links.)

Alright I'm leaving, follow the hawk!!


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