Monday, May 10, 2010

100th Post! (roughly...)

--What a stage today! No spoilers but if you haven't seen the last 5k you should. They should have it up on here or YouTube sometime soon. Okay I can't say anything else about it, very exiting though.

I was just about to say the Giro hadn't been that exciting this year. It doesn't help that the announcers on refer to Greipel as "Dreipel" and Wouter Weylandt as "Vouter Veylandt." Guys, take a look at the initials in CAPS next to the Weylandt's name. Notice how it says "BEL" and not "GER"? That's because he's Belgian where the v's are v's and w's are w's! I swear these guys were contracted out from the pro bass fishing circuit.

It was killer to see Cadel on the front though:

You know Cuddles though, he only drives it on the front when it's irrelevant...

The other part is that all the excitement is in California right now gearing up for the Tour! (Thanks, Zomegnan!)

--Speaking of Greipel, VelocityNation's latest Toto is hilarious.

--Despite all the hype about the Giro heading to DC, Johan's not happy. And chapeau to him, really. Flying seven hours DURING a Grand Tour is insane. The transfers within Italy are bad enough (see Giro 2008, Garmin had to use their Garmins to find their hotel).

--Lastly, it was bike to work day here in SF! Apparently there are a lot of good apps out now with bike routes. Unfortunately for them, Google just integrated this function into their maps and, there goes your bidness plan.

I prefer what I call the "Belgie method." Find the city where you want to go on a map. Then, right down all the cities along the way. Mount bike, begin pedal.

Or, more locally, I fly down Page, make a left on Market, then a left on Grant.

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