Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can we do this every week??

--And the Tour of Cali heats up! But first, yesterday's Giro was pretty exciting too. Cuddles got caught back and wasn't too happy. At 5k to go Cadel was hitting some of the guys in the peloton! (I won't spoil today's stage which was also super exciting.)

That's not even the best of it. Check out the last 5k on Universal Sports. Guess he was upset about guys who had no reason to work for him not working for him.

Speaking of the Giro, does Vino have any teammates? I see Vino all the time but I've yet to see another Astana guy near him. I mean, they can't all be getting bottles.

Which brings up a more important point, Contador. With effectively no team, can he still win the Tour? I suppose he'll get help from the other Spaniards, which helps, but I don't think that's enough. Also, I'm not sure how much the Spaniards like Contador. This is what I worried about when all the great Astana riders left for Radioshack. Contador's the strongest in the world but cycling's a team sport. Let's hope he doesn't end up like Cuddles and Menchov last year, both minutes back on the GC by the time they got to the mountains. Anyways, there's way bigger news in cycling right now.

--Okay, back to the Tour of Cali. I'll post my "race report" from Tuesday's Stage 3 soon--with pics!

Yesterday was in INCREDIBLE stage. I was hoping Renshaw would stay away. According to Paul Mach, he made the big boys work (he was in the break). I think what he meant to say was, the big boys let him sit on. (Check out his blog. He's got interviews, with himself...)

Too bad Zabriskie didn't have the support Rogers had at the finish. I was pulling for him. Congrats to Sagan for the win, though. This kid's been on fire all year and I'm excited to see how he'll do in a grand tour--will he make the Tour team?

If you haven't seen the final k yet, check it out:

--Hats off for Chicchi winning Stage 4! It was devastating to see Cav lose but I like Chicchi. Plus, he'll be back on form come le Tour.

Chicchi also wins for best podium face.

It was great to see Lars Boom out in the break all day. He's a great talent and I'm still hoping he'll get a stage win. Boonen had a funny quote about him:

Quote of the day: Tom Boonen, "Lars Boom should get a medal for today, a medal that says, go back to cyclocross." Classic.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

I think what he meant was those attacks (near the end) would work great, in cyclocross where there are no leadouts...

--Lastly, Landis cleans his conscience! This came out of nowhere. I will say he has no reason to lie, not at this point. He's got everything to lose by saying the things he said, just like LeMond. He could have done a better job about timing. Radioshack's biggest race outside of le Tour and he comes out with this right before?

He implicates Allen Lim, his ex-coach, as helping him and Levi. This is the only piece I find really unbelievable. I can't conceive that Lim was involved in this, but who knows.

Also, apparently he was dying to get into the Tour of Cali so that could be one reason why he came out with all this. I think the Lance camp has been using that as a way of discrediting Landis, without actually addressing what he said--an ad hominem fallacy.

Joe Lindsey has a pretty good summary of what's happened. Also, check out this interview with Michael Ashenden from a year ago.

@nyvelocity has been tweeting good articles, too. They have an even better, probably my favorite so far, Toto about it.

As if that weren't enough, there are reports of a new type of doping...ha!

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