Thursday, May 6, 2010


--UCI is on the hunt again for rule enforcement. In typical fashion they're doing it at the last minute, which is great for manufacturers and cycling as a whole...

--The Giro is off and running! Kind of wishing I had taken that return flight back to Amsterdam. has the full package on demand for 15 ducats. There's not a better deal on the web. Unlike, it actually works.

This is the second consecutive grand tour for the Netherlands (last year's Vuelta being the first. Today, like the stages of the Vuelta in the Netherlands, had a TON of crashes. There are so many obstacles in the road that it's unavoidable. I don't think the riders would choose to go back but it's not them making the decisions. That being said, the country is beautiful for non-Grand Tour riding (ie you and your bike).

I have no predictions for this year's Giro. As of recent I'm considerably out of the news loop--I slept in on Saturday and completely forgot the Giro was on. I did watch part of it on demand though.

Amsterdam is a fun city to ride around.

The whole country has dedicated bike lanes. You can go from one end of the country to another on their network of bike paths. It's really something special. For those interested, I blogged all about the trip last summer.

--And now, it's time for me to get on my bike and head across the Golden Gate. I'll leave you with another funny. It appears Vino isn't the only one who follows the hawk...

If that's what that is.

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