Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pimp my ride (Facebook me!)

--Today I decided go out and fly with my wounded wing (wrist). Things went well for the most part. Had to descend on the hoods because the bumps killed my wrist. It was good to be back on the bike.

I brought my new HTC Incredible along with me, the pimp part, and took some pics:

These turned out pretty nice. The camera is 8 mp and yes, HTC supports cycling.

--So last month I went to the adTech SF conference and they were giving out free Facebook advertising. I decided to try my hand at marketing and place an ad:

No, I don't have anything against Bike Snob. His blogs are funny and he's making Google lots of money. The point is anyone who's into PRO stuff, knows him. Those are the eyes I want to catch.

Anyways, so far if I go by traffic alone, it's working. The ad will be running for 23 more days so if you have "cycling," "lance armstrong," "its not about bike" [sic], or "tour de france" listed as interests you may see it--that's as specific as I could go with interests. And yes, I'll throw in some PRO prizes if you see it, take a screenshot, and send it to me. (I've got a box full of PRO team bottles that need homes).

One last thing on Facebook, Brady Lee Streebin is on there:

--In other news, Greipel is still airing his complaints to the world instead of the HR person.

--Tour of Missouri is in danger again of losing funding. If you watched last year's it's not hard to see why. Can't we get a Giro di California or something? No sense having the second biggest race in the U.S. in a state that's, well you get it.

--On that note, the bio passport is up and running. Do we have to kill the sport while we're at it? Can't we just have guys, you know, take a vacation or something so we don't get all the bad press?

--Another amazing VeloNews article. This stuff really shouldn't have made it past the editor.

--Velogogo had this cool pic from Cat's Hill.

--Anyone notice the Colnago - CSF team only has two riders whose names DON'T end in "i"?

--Okay more pics:

What a pic. More at Belgium Knee Warmers (embrocation).


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