Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tour of Cali!

--It's that time of year. Tomorrow I'll head up to Nevada City for the start and then down to Sac to watch Jim race and see the finish.

I was going through my goody box and I came across this:

We'll see what kind of trouble I can get into with it. Hopefully it'll help at some of the finishes.

All my pics from last year's ToC are up on Picasa.

-Btw, did I say the Giro wasn't that exciting this year? Another crazy stage today. I was bummed to see, oh wait, no spoilers. I'll just say the guys were covered in mud, it was that dirty. It makes for good TV but looks pretty hard on the riders.

Joe Lindsey has a good writeup about this year's Giro. I've mentioned it before, Zomegnan's really shooting himself in the foot here.

--The recent Pro Cycling has a big interview with Cavendish. Here's what he had to say about Greipel:

"...if he was in [sic] another team he'd be sprinting against me and he'd be losing."

"His market value is way higher now in our team than it would be elsewhere. At the moment he's worth less than Mark Renshaw. He should have won all those sprints in Australia because he had the lead-out, but he f****d it up."

I think that settles that.

I'm not sure if this is news but apparently Cav didn't want to do California. They quote Bob Stapleton as saying he had to make him do the Tour of California instead of the Giro--since Cali is a bigger market for their sponsors than Europe! It's hard to blame him considering the AMAZING Giro he had last year. Works out well for me.

They also gave the scoop on the tooth infection. He was down in Paraguay--okay, I'm not making this up--and he decided to have one of his front teeth removed. Apparently his teeth were a bit bunched up in the front and he wanted to improve the spacing by removing one. I never happened to notice whilst he was sprinting at 40 mph but I'll take his word for it. The infection came because he tried training with an open wound.

You guys know the rest, it got infected and he missed a month of training. It's a tough lesson to learn. His famous last words:

"it wasn't the wooden shack in the jungle that people think. South America's the cosmetic surgery capital of the world..."

--Lastly, apparently Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is a Tweeting cyclist. The country's going to be fine...

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