Monday, May 17, 2010

Tour of California:Sacramento!

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-What a day in Sacramento! After seeing last year's Prologue in Sac I had to come back. The weather was a lot better this year.

I ran into Lucas Euser while I was walking around...

Didn't realize he had been dropped by Garmin. Sorry to hear that but happy he's back riding after his accident.

I met up with @jwbender and we found a spot to watch. We've seen enough finishes to know you don't really see much so we found a spot on the final turn.

I yelled until my lungs were sore and then saw the tweets that Cav had won.

There were way too crashes for such a clean, wide course. Not sure what happened but Joe Lindsey has an idea.

Afterwards I scurried over to the team buses to catch the riders. Lars Boom seemed happy with the day...

I happened to catch Cal's own Max Jenkins near the UnitedHealthCare van. I was stoked he got to ride this year.

After that the party was pretty much over.

I decided to make one last loop of the course to see if any of the teams were around. I went by the Amgen tent and bought a shirt then stopped off at the Cannondale tent. Found this bike there:

It belonged to one the Cannondale guys. He said he built it as a "F*** you" to all the custom made, lugged steel, hipster crap. Take that, carbon fixed. He let me ride it.

They also had this little guy.

I stumbled down an alley and found the Radioshack mechanics hard at work.

I guess they figured if they waited until the race to build the TT bike it was less likely to get stolen...

There was an SRM rep there so we chatted about power. Apparently "Ulle," the Founder of SRM, helped design the Powertap. He had designed power meters for most parts of the bike and so he was helping out some MIT kids. They ended up turning it into a business.

I wandered back to the car and headed home. Hard to have a better day than that!

I'll leave you with a pic that a buddy sent me. Looks like Schleck and Fuglsang were a bit distracted...

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