Saturday, May 22, 2010

Until Next Year...

--The Tour of California is officially over and I'm getting that post-Tour depression which always comes after a week of such intense racing race watching. Fortunately il Giro is there to ease me through, along with a nice Memorial Day ride.

Apparently there are still newspapers and a reporter at the Ventura County Star felt the Tour of Cali fans were a bit eccentric...

What? That's really the Pope! Come on, people. He's not that eccentric is he?? (The boy in the banana costume is not an accesory to the Pope costume)

Lucas sent me one of "Spartacus" following Spartacus.

Just wait until 2011...

--Anyone notice Levi wearing his Road ID during the ITT on Saturday?

Levi, you're riding an ITT in the biggest race in America through California's biggest city where all the streets are blocked off and a car is following you with your name on it. Don't you think if you crash we'll know who you are?? Not to mention, you're down on the GC by what, seconds, and you're going to strap that little parachute on your wrist? In an hour long TT that's worth at least a second. Not PRO, not AERO.

Seeing this got me thinking about cheap ways to make my own Road ID. It took me a while but I came up with one that's pretty easy. Take the credit card and mobile device you normally carry on rides, put them in a plastic bag (can use old bread bag if you're some kind of luddite who isn't on the gluten-free train yet), then slide the homemade Road ID into your jersey pocket. Presto! You now have: a) your name and b) the numbers of the people you regularly talk to who would be interested in knowing if something happened to you. That's like a Road ID on...EPO! Now that's PRO.

For more PRO tips, take the $20 you saved from not buying a Road ID, stop by Universal Sports, and purchase the Giro package. Watch, rewind, repeat.

For those of you who've already been suckered into buying one of these, well, call your wife, tell her you don't care how many kids you have together or how dangerous the sport is or how much she loves you, you'll no longer let fear-based marketing dupe you into ignoring common sense.

Okay that felt good, good like my first hit of blogging.

--Here are some other cool videos from the ToC. Here's one of the riders flying down Hwy 1. The Amgen site also has some great head cam videos from a guy on a moto in the peloton.

--The other day at lunch I was walking past Lululululululeman when I saw some Saxo Bank jerseys on mannequins. What, what, what?

They even had the logo on the pants. Apparently they started sponsoring them right before the Tour of Cali. Sportful makes their kits but Lululeman makes their pre- and post-race gear. And voila! What was once overpriced workout gear for yuppy yogis turns into something I'd recommend and buy(??).

--Fat Cyclist got to ride in the Radioshack team car during Stage 7. I want to do this someday, hopefully on a mountain stage.

--Looks like Cuddles finally made up for punching the guys who wouldn't pull for him the other day.

--Speaking of the Giro, Farrar lost the points jersey because of a new UCI rule about time cuts. Apparently if the sprinters don't make the time but but are allowed to continue then they're docked 25 points. But, since usually it's all the sprinters who don't make the cut, isn't the playing field even? I suppose not in this case since he ended up losing the jersey. Part of me says it's bs that they enforce this. The other part of me says that Pineau did finish the stage quicker so, okay I don't want to go into this. I feel for Farrar.

--I missed this in today's stage but props to the mechanic:

I was more impressed with the Columbia mechanic behind @marcopinotti - his moto broke 1kms from line so he rode spare bike behind Pinotti..!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

--Here is a killer gallery from this year's Giro.

Here's another for the Hampsten fans out there.

--Landis, Landis. ESPN, surprisingly enough, had one of the best articles on his recent confessions.

Radioshack also released some of the emails Landis sent. My favorite part is where his doctor, Brent Kay, says Floyd could win the Vuelta for Radioshack. Dude, the Vuelta? As in, the Spanish one? 2010 Floyd Landis could win it?

Looks like his Doctor is as disconnected from reality as Floyd. Yes, I believe most of what Floyd said is true and that he can't be dismissed based on ad hominem attacks. No, he shouldn't have said it. In one of the emails he says he did it so he can sleep at night. Well, he wasn't losing sleep over Lance doping, that's for sure. He was losing sleep over the lie he was living. Cycling has a closet full of skeletons without even mentioning its present.

--I'll leave you with a pic of Grischa Nierman's race radio protest from Velogogo.

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