Saturday, June 12, 2010

Falling Tree on Alpine!

--Today I went out and rode Alpine Dam loop with a buddy. While heading up Mt. Tam I heard a crackle up above, then realized it was a tree about to fall. I pedaled as hard as I could. Seconds later I heard a crack and tree collapsed into the road. I missed it by seconds.

Some Fred was descending with headphones on. I guess he didn't hear the tree and the top of it hit him and knocked him over. He rode away fine though. (Another great reason not to ride with headphones. Ears are your best defense against anything out of sight. If you're gonna do headphones be consistent and leave your helmet at home!)

The tree falling was great because all the traffic was blocked. We didn't see another car for miles. Might have to bring my chainsaw next weekend.

--Cycling News has a great interview up with Vroomen (Cervelo guy). He makes some good points on the doping issue but more importantly talks about the fantastic ROI cycling offers sponsors.

--Devolder eying a move to Vacansoleil? This guy's a huge talent and it'd be cool to see him on a team that appreciates him. Vacansoleil, despite being snubbed by two tours starting in the Netherlands (Giro and le Tour), has already had a great year on top of last year's impressive Vuelta showing. Devolder could help take them to the ProTour level.

Besides, Lefevere's just mad that Boonen's over. There, I said it. I know, I thought it was wrong that he got in trouble for an out of competition tests [where he was positive for cocaine]. It's not a banned substance out of competition and that's his business. That being said, this guy's got issues. Whether or not he's clean now--and I don't mean doping because I don't think he's doping, at least not since Postal--that's not the issue. The fact is, he's been caught three times and I don't see things getting better for him anytime soon, with regards to this. On top of that, the next generation of sprinters, Cav et al, are hitting the peloton with force. My prediction: Boonen might win a few more stages, and maybe a classic or two, if Cancellara decides to let him have one by not entering, but that's it. His future, as far as bunch sprints are concerned, looks rather bleak. Cycling, in addition to the amazing physical requirements also requires a solid head game. Cancellara has this, Boonen doesn't.

--Cervelo is going light again for this year's Tour.

I think Sky will follow suit in the coming weeks. The additional heat of an all black kit has got to be noticeable, no matter how porous the material is. Plus, they're too smart to have their guys out there in all black, hopefully.

--Anyone know what SRAM's doing with their Apex line of components? Looks like a mid-range offering but they're having PROs use it in big races.

I like this a lot. Even their mid-range products offer a PRO performance. Go Sram! I switched over a year ago and haven't missed my Shimano stuff since.

--Was Bettini out in San Diego?? That would have been cool to ride the Gran Fondo with him.

--Btw, to any PROs, neo-PROs, or neo-neo-PROs (T Karnes) out there who are looking for an agent or someone to look over their contract, I know a guy. A buddy of mine is a corporate attorney slash cyclofan and he wants to help out. He'll work pro bono!

--Looks like Horner's on the hunt for a Tour spot again this year. I really hope he gets one. Unlike last year, his willingness to work for Lance should help him make the list.

--I'll leave you with a pic of this killer shop...

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