Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Manxman Falleth...

--Ahhh!! Okay it's been two days so this isn't really a spoiler. Cav crashed!

The officials docked Cav for irregular sprinting although I feel like Haussler was more at fault. They both came around Ciolek but Cav was ahead so he had the right of way. Haussler ran into the back of him and knocked him over. The Haus said afterward that he could have won. Fifty meters from the line, Cav is at least a half wheel up on you (at the time the crash happened) and you're telling me you're going to come around him? Dude, what world are you living in? Please, tell me the last race you won while racing against Cav. Milan-San Remo? Oh wait... Nice try, Ed Hardy.

As if that weren't enough, the riders staged a two minute protest before the start of the stage. They said they were protesting Cav's tactics--translation: "Sir Manximus, please let someone else win a stage, possibly a Frenchman??"

Here's another pic:

--Lucas is rocking at the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Go Lucas!

I remember driving back from Santa Barbara one weekend Lucas was advising Jordan how how to race road. Lucas had some good advice. "Attack from the start. Then, once you're out of sight, attack your own attacks."

--Anyone notice the massive Lancevertising recently?? I was reading some articles posted by @nyvelocity and on every one of them there was some form of Lancevertising. I counted three instances before I moved on to BPvertising.

Then, when I turned on Versus to watch the Tour de Suisse, there was more! Nissan, Radioshack,
Livestrong--they all had ads with Lance in them. Hmm, wonder if this has anything to do with him being investigated for doping. In the end, though, whether Novitzky (the BALCO investigator) is on this or not, I think the Lance machine is too strong. He's not just an athlete, like Bonds or Woods, he's a superhero. Lance cures cancer. I rest my case.

--Okay, I'm going to bed. For funnies, check out Usher on a bike. This is my confession!!!!


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