Saturday, June 26, 2010

One More Week...

--I just checked the Tour calendar and it's set to begin on July 4th. It's so nice of the French to start it on a holiday! That means it's only a week until the contenders cross their fingers in hopes of surviving the Dutch road furniture.

The Tour has yet to begin and two of my predictions have come true. Haussler is already out and so is Boonen. Does that count?

One guy I forgot to mention was Lars Boom. I think he could definitely win a stage. It won't be a flat stage though, a la stage 4 of the Tour of Cali, since HTC has those stages on lock. It'll be something with some decent climbs. Maybe something like the stages Voekler or Haussler won last year.

Oh and I didn't realize this until Jason said something, I didn't mention Lance. Call it a Freudian slip but once the stages kick up I don't think he'll be able to hang. You can only minimize losses to an extent. This year's group of climbers is even stronger and many are a decade younger. Just to put a number on him, I'll say 7th. All the marketing in the world can't save you from the Pyrenees!

Speaking of, here's an excellent post about the $100k, I mean $25k, I mean...that Lanceypants gave or didn't give to the UCI.

--Here's a Google map with this year's route laid out.

--Some Team Sky guys doing recon on one of this year's Pyrenean descents:

Btw, I'm still holding out on my Team Sky prediction: they will switch to white, or a lighter color before le Tour. They must.

--Garmin announced its Tour team recently. I was bummed to see Tommie D, Pate, and Tuft left off the list. It's a tough job though, especially on a team so stacked with talent. Too bad they don't let the overflow on the ProTour teams ride for some of the Continental teams. That would make things interesting, huh?!

--Back to the Cavendish crash, Cyclocosm has a fun breakdown of the crash.

--If you like Rouleur and blogs like El Cyclista or La Gazzetta della Bici, you'll love the Richard Mitchelson blog. He's the guy who does all those cool shirts for Rouleur and he's got some nice bike art on there.

--Rock Racing has apparently been drawn into the Landis investigation.

--Looks like Brooke Miller crashed out of the US National Criterium. This is really a bummer considering she won it the year before last and is a great talent. I ran into her and Alison Rosenthal once while riding on the coast. Very cool woman and quite the singer!

--Alright, I'm in Half Moon Bay at my parents' and it's time I head up Tunitas. I'll leave you with this killer home video from the ToC:

Tour of California - LA mtn stage - May 21, 2010 from Michael Bratkowski on Vimeo.

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