Sunday, June 20, 2010

Schumacher's Back!

--The 'Mach is back! That's right, Schumacher is getting ready for his big comeback. I was trying to find his post-race interview on the stage of the 2008 Tour where he crossed wheels causing him to crash and lose the yellow jersey. Instead, this was all I found...

(great pic at 1:56)

--Looks like the rest of the peloton is getting cranky over Cav's winning ways. Finally, they have a reason, albeit less than legitimate, to go after him. Cav was sprinting like the guy in the lead and he was. Haussler was trying to sprint like a big dog but ran into the side of Cav. The Service Course has a great writeup about it.

Oh and for those who think he's all leadout, here's a great finish from the 2008 Tour.

--Kirchen had a heart attack??

--As if it's not stupid enough that someone would assume Fabian Cancellara used a motor, the UCI will be screening bikes at this year's Tour de France. Really?

--If you thought the Danny MacAskill video was cool, this guy does the same stuff, only on a carbon road bike!

--Gesink is on the come up! I was bummed to see him crash out of last year's Tour but think he'll do great this year.

--Okay, I need to watch the rest of the Tour de Suisse. I'm on the edge of the couch watching Cancellara handle his bike it the wet. This guy is insane.

I'll leave you with this pic. Jason and I saw this Fred on Arguello yesterday. I've named him "Tri Bro."

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