Sunday, June 6, 2010

So Long Valverde...

--Well, it looks like the Italians finally caught up with Valverde. This is pretty unfortunate. I mean can the UCI really let this go through? You're going to let a guy go down for something that happened five years ago? Not to mention, MOST of the guys who were involved never went down.

Aside from that, why was the Italian Olympic Committee so hung up on Valverde anyways? You'd think they'd have bigger fish to fry, like, I dunno, Ricco's doping controls from the 2008 Giro...

All I can say is I'm happy this didn't go through before last year's Dauphine.

I think that was my favorite race all year. It certainly beat the Tour stage on Ventoux.

--Secondly, props to my boy Lucas Binder for making this year's Nature Valley Team! Obviously they recognize Lucas's PRO-ness! Good luck!

--Anyone know if Rock Racing is still rocking?? Looks like they are no more. Their website is still up, and they still have some, uh, really sweet bikes for sale... I guess Fast Freddie is retired? Too bad big man Michael Ball couldn't get his act together. Those guys had a pretty solid season last year.

--Also, if you thought the tall bikes were all the rage, then check out this...

--According to The Road Diaries Vino used an
11-32 cassette on the Zoncolan! And that was with his compact crankset!

--I'll leave you with this "quandum" I saw on SFist.

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