Thursday, June 10, 2010


--Last weekend I rode up to Tamarancho to watch big Jim (@jwbender) race the Tamarancho Dirt Classic. I'd never been up there so I was psyched to see it...on my Tarmac. I sold my Intense before going Euro last summer and have yet to buy another MTB.

Once I got up there I really wanted to race. The last MTB race I did was down at UCSB. Those were my first MTB races. I did the short track and XC. I also tried bombing down the slalom course. I cleared the first single then got my confidence up for the double. Unfortuantely, that was all that went up. I landed on the hump and then endoed and cracked my helmet. After that Lucas and I rode 35 miles over the pass to SB. Good times.

Anyways, got to see Jim come through for a lap then he flatted. Too much power!!!

He came back and put a tube in. Then, on the way back to the car his sidewall blew and the tire came off the rim. Almost wrecked those Edge wheels! I took the keys and rode down to Fairfax to get his Flowmaster Chevy. Then, I peaced out and headed home to SF. Jim's moving up to Seattle way too soon so I just stoked to hang out with him. I'll miss you Jim!

-Romain Sicard is rocking! Go Frenchies! Always glad to see the French guys winning. I think their riders are cleaner--maybe that's why they don't win as often?

Romain just turned 22 and he's an outright phenom. Plus, how cool is it to see a French guy riding for Euskatel?? He and Sagan have me psyched about the new generation.

--John Leguizamo's an avid cyclist. This is way cool. I always liked him--okay, "The Pest" wasn't that funny but the guy has some really good stand-up, that's if my memory from when I was 14 serves me correctly.

--It's good to see Contador rocking at the Dauphine, oh and Jani too. Back to Contador though. I had been worrying that without a team he wouldn't be able to win the Tour. Then, I remembered that he didn't really have a team last year. Plus, there's no TTT this year. If Vino can hang like he did in the Giro with the rest of Astana as his support, Contador can win the Tour.

I like the Schleck's a lot but I'd rather see Contador in yellow, keep those guys in white. It'd also be cool to see some other unknowns wear yellow, like Nocentini. I'll get into Tour predictions later though.

--What does Cipo say?? I'm-a pay-a my taxes! Looks like he was acquitted for tax evasion.

--Looks like Mancebo got a contract. I also heard that Fast Freddie has retired after a really killer career.

--Last night I went to a karaoke bar on Market. On the way there I saw this Lance spot:

Nike used to have a Lance one up in Union Square but last time I checked they took it down.

At the bar I spotted a cutie wearing Sidis. I started talking to her and asked if I could take a pic for my blog.

She obliged and then mentioned her and her friends had a cycling blog of their own! It's called "Change Your Life Ride a Bike".

This got me thinking about how much my life has changed since getting on a bike. I'm too tired for anything poetic but it's definitely been a spiritual experience. That first time gliding through the Berkeley hills was all it took. My life hasn't been the same since.

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