Thursday, July 22, 2010

Andy and Albert: BFF

--Today was poised to be a real showdown, and it was, but it just wasn't that exciting. There were only a few noticeable attacks between Alberto and Andy. I got a bit hyphy when Contador went for it at 3.8k but that didn't last long. I liked that Alberto gave Andy the stage, though. There was also a great shot of them talking at the finish and Contador slapping Andy's face playfully. It's good to see they're still friends. I guess the only problem is friendliness makes for boring bike racing!

--Looks like my 1st and 2nd picks are going to be right but that's about it as far as the GC is concerned. I think Menchov will take 3rd since he's not far off Sanchez and a better time trialist.

--Apparently Lance and the Postal Brothers aren't the only ones under investigation. Petacchi is being investigated for some pre-Tour extracurriculars. Let me get this straight: more than a handful of the peloton is actively being investigated and Mark Renshaw is OUT OF THE TOUR for a headbutt.

I feel like this guy.

Speaking of investigations, here's a funny one: has a great gallery of the riders after they finished the Tourmalet. These remind me of that series the guy took after Roubaix.

--Schumacher's back! Or almost...

--I'll leave you with my favorite Tour fans: los tres Borats.

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