Monday, July 5, 2010

Crash Test Dummies

Rare that we get to see the finish of the Cat 5 Tour de France. What time do the pros finish?less than a minute ago via Seesmic

That was reTweeted by @Cyclocosm after the carnage in stage 1. (Btw, if you're viewing this in a reader it's worthwhile to visit the site because I've got some cool @anywhere integration running. Just hover over any of the Twitter accounts for a pulldown.)

--@Cyclocosm has a stage 1 post that aptly points out "Mark Cavendish became more interested in winning shoving match with a Lampre rider than following his leadout train through a hairpin at two KM to go." There you have it. If you watch the crash this is the most obvious explanation. The only reason he's leaning out on a sharp right hander is to say "I'm the big dog." Well, the guy got the message, and the big dog took himself out of the running.

The real bummer is for Farrar who had what could be his only chance at a stage victory. The fact that Renshaw finished second means Cav likely would have won.

--After the stage I rode up Tunitas again. The pavement is sooo smooth!

The only issue with an out and back up Tunitas is that descending the road on the weekends is super sketchy. The problem is there are always middle-aged group riders bonked out of their minds riding it and they have a tendency to sway towards the inside of corners, especially since it's shorter. (Brain functions decrease drastically with a high BPM, not to mention we humans have a tendency to be overly bullish about the unknown--what's around the corner. Otherwise, this would never happen.) When I descend it on a weekend during peak hours (7AM-2PM) I'm guaranteed to have to dodge a few of them. A year or two ago I almost wrecked trying to avoid one.

Today, I developed what I call the "fool's whistle." It's similar to how horns are used on mountain passes or in Mideast streets. When coming into a blind turn, begin a high-pitched whistle. This is enough to alert any would-be straggler that something is coming. I tried it today and it worked well.

--Anyone see HTC's new Scotts?

I've never been a big Scott fan but these look soo nice.

--Dave Z was rocking a new TT helmet in the prologue. These look pretty funky but I think they're right about the design. Most of the helmets are designed in the wind tunnel alone and don't account for cross-winds. These appear to be designed for real life conditions.

--Boulder Report has some great breakdowns of the teams. They're also quite funny:

"the witness protection program, aka Milram"

--I'll leave you with a funny pic from Queen Stage...

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