Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Guys, Wait for Me!

--Finally some drama this year! I think Contador was justified in continuing on. Schleck had attacked (without shifting to his big ring beforehand) and Contador continued on with the rest of the GC men.

Here's what Riis had to say:

"I don’t know. Was it possible for Contador to wait in that situation, with [Samuel] Sanchez [Euskaltel] and [Denis] Menchov [Rabobank] attacking? He has to follow those guys, for sure. He might not need to pull [with them] or attack, but he has to follow those guys."

And the cyclist of record for this type of incident, Armstrong:

"It's true [that Ullrich waited in 2003] and in 2001 I waited for Ulrich, when he went down. It's better to wait but this is different. This was the last climb of the race and the race was really on. I don't want to make a harsh judgment without having seen the images."

Here's Contador's response:

I know, Andy, on group rides to your favorite pastry shop in Deifferdeng everyone waits while you try to put your chain on. That's because it's a group ride to your favorite pastry shop in Deifferdeng.

Besides, did he really think he'd hold on to the jersey? Even after Contador dropped him like a bad habit on stage 12?

OK, Schleck still had 30 seconds on Contador before today's stage. But considering he lost 42 seconds in the 8.9k of the prologue, it's not that much for Contador. There coming TT is over 50k so at that rate he'll lose minutes. Needless to say, dropping his chain was the least of his worries.

--In other news, Wiggo has changed his tune a bit. I saw a headline in my reader for the Cycling News feed saying "Wiggins admits last year was a fluke" but when I went to click on it the link was gone. I guess someone from Sky called the editor on that one.

This is quite a bit different to what he had to say about Garmin after last year's Tour. Winning the Tour is "a bit like trying to win the Champions League. To win the Champions League you go to Man United and I'm probably playing at Wigan." If I read this right, he's saying Wigan sucks at football and Garmin sucks at cycling.

Well Wiggo, which is it? Garmin or you?

--Back to the stage the other day where Renshaw got kicked out. If you watch it Farrar is so strong that he's able to push Renshaw out of the way, get back on it and still get third. All this while having a broken wrist.

Also, here's the video of Renshaw after the stage. There's no malice in this guy.

--Vino! What a Tour he's having. I'm really liking this guy. I also noticed that any mention of him by Phil gets this obligatory explanation about doping. However, Basso never gets this treatment. I think a lot of this is racism against Eastern Europe/Soviet countries. These guys are super stoic and seem one-dimensional because they often don't speak English well.

I found a really good bio about Vino that explains a lot.

--Saw this NYT Lancevertising at the Tour. Best support money can buy.

--Time for funnies. Here's an interview with Vaughters I heard about on Velocity Nation. Notice the guy off to the left near the camper.

--Lastly, I leave you with a new favorite cycling quote from Jens's exceptional Tour blog.

"To give you an example of how bad it was, at one point I was in about 50th position and I’m knowing that I really need to be up front but I just can’t get there. And at this moment I start thinking it would be a good time to break my collarbone. A broken collarbone hurts really bad for like an hour, but then you are just relaxing to recover. But here in this Tour, the pain just continues."

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