Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Dancing Time!

--Today was my new favorite stage. Before I go into details, J bone (@jwbender) saw this ish forreal! Check out the pics below (Jim's in the Berkeley kit, fifth most fit guy in the pics, right after Matt Lloyd).

--So, Schleck and Contador went dancing today. "I showed all the cards I had," he said. If he had attacked once more, he said, he would have dropped himself. I was happy to see him stop that nonsense since there was no way he'd drop Contador. It was good to see them working together--I think they're friends in their non-Tour lives--putting time into all the rivals. It's not fair to say he dropped Contador yesterday because that was more strategic, on Contador's part, than anything.

At the end of the day Schleck is in yellow, just like he was wanting. This definitely plays into Contador's hands in that Astana doesn't have to bear the weight of yellow. All that matters is who's wearing it in Paris, and that won't be Schleck.

--I was watching the coverage after the race ended and apparently Cadel had a broken elbow. Now sure how this affects the legs but couldn't help feeling sorry for the guy. He really wanted it.

--The heroics by Novarro, Vino, and Jens today were super impressive.

--Here's a vid of Armstrong's crash from yesterday--the really bad one. He ate it so bad. If he hadn't he could have definitely hung and would still be, well at least top 20. It wasn't that his form was bad, it's just the other guys are looking so strong.

--Here's a video of Cav after his stage win the other day. This is the one that all those super emotional quotes came from. It's really touching. I hope he gets a couple more before Paris.

--I'll leave you with the funniest piece of cyclo-interviewing ever. If you didn't see the Barredo fight the other day, you have to watch that first to get this vid (it's 30 seconds long, chill):

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