Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tour de France 500

--After watching the carnage of stage 1, @gregh1 pointed out just how similar cycling NASCAR. Well it only gets better...

Here's another view.

I'm not sure what Barredo was upset about though. Last time I saw him throw a fit he had good reason.

--Cav is rocking! Woot! First, a win on Thursday and then an incredible win yesterday.

It was good to see Garmin leading out--which actually was pretty solid until the last 500m. This ended up benefiting Cav though, who only had Renshaw left. By the time Renshaw finally hit the wind he didn't have far to go before launching Cav.

At one point Garmin had more than a bike length between themselves and the Lampre guy (when going through the turns). When it came time to sprint though, Robbie Hunter seemed a bit lost or like he wasn't ready to hit the wind yet. I think it was pretty early to jump and he knew that.

Farrar did amazing though. Broken arm and he still got second. I'm sure the pain was excruciating. If you watch the helicopter shot you can see he actually had to slow down at one point and lost a lot of speed. It's right when Cav is starting to come around the right of Renshaw. If there'd been another bike width there he could have maintained that speed and would have had a better shot.

I'm stoked that Cav won and also think that it was a real success for Garmin. They proved they can do a dominant leadout and it's only a matter of time before they iron out the kinks. I still don't think they'll get a sprint stage with Farrar injured but will cross my fingers.

--In an interview with Cav on Versus he says he usually goes from 63 kph on Renshaw's wheel to 67 kph (roughly 41 mph) whenever he jumps. Bam! Oh, and Ciolek uses a 54 tooth ring.

--Okay the last 12k is on and I need to pay attention. When I was looking for the McEwan crash on youtube (ran into a journalist at the end of yesterday's stage) I came across this video from the Giro.

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