Friday, July 2, 2010

Tunitas Goes EURO!

--Before I get into the Tour news, props to my boyz @jwbender and Wick Nasty out at Fitchburg this year. Wish I were there with you goons!

--Le Tour has yet to begin and there's already drama. What is this, 2009? Can't we stop talking about this old guy and focus on the new talent??

No less, there are a lot of great riders starting this year and it's set to be an exciting one.

--Floyd has some BIG NEWS about Postal. Apparently they were selling bikes to fund their doping program.

On top of that LeMond is predicting Lance will drop out before the Tour or before they hit France.

Looks like it's time to pay piper.

--Skype is joining Team HTC as a sponsor! This is fantastic news!! With sponsors leaving left and right it's always good to see new sponsors entering the sport.

Also, I like the idea of adding sponsors right before the Tour. I think it's great for the sponsors to get that additional coverage. They did this last year with HTC and, well HTC's sales are going through the roof.

Oh and according to this PR they're also teaming up with Google! Woohoo!

Still waiting on the iTeam...

--On the topic of le Tour, Wes from Cal Cycling has made some cool Tour visualizations.

--Farrar is looking very ready for the sprint stages.

--Dave Z is looking very ready as well.

--On Sunday I went out and watched my buddy @sfjason race the Burlingame Crit. While I was there I heard, an oh so familiar sound on the mic...

Gogulski!! (@bicigogo) He's the guy who does Versus commentary (also had an incredible cycling career). He was there doing the announcing for the race. So cool!

I had to get a pic...

--Last weekend I rode Tunitas. While I was making my way over from Half Moon Bay I came across a few marked and unmarked gravel spots. I was pissy until it hit me, the rest of the world doesn't make decisions based on what tiny men in spandex on tiny bikes are going to think.

I spoke with my Grandma's best friend Judy who lives along Lobitos Creek. She said the highway workers are always finding reasons to work on those roads. Can you blame them?

Once I got over to Tunitas I saw more signs for "Loose Gravel." Excellent. They lied though, this stuff was FRESH tarmac. Fresh, or as they say sticky-icky. Like, you could hear it when you rode.

I pedaled on at a PR pace until I was stopped in my tracks. The burning bush of American cycling...

Tunitas has gone EURO.

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